Uganda / Private / Wildlife Extravaganza: Unveiling Uganda's Natural Splendor on an 11-Day Safari Journey

Wildlife Extravaganza: Unveiling Uganda's Natural Splendor on an 11-Day Safari Journey




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Full Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe or Kampala

Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport or Kampala, you will be warmly welcomed by our experienced team. Transfer to your accommodation in either the vibrant city of Kampala or the tranquil town of Entebbe, nestled alongside the sparkling shores of Lake Victoria. Take this day to relax, acclimate to the surroundings, and prepare for the adventure ahead.

Day 2: Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park

After breakfast, depart for the remote and untouched Kidepo Valley National Park. As you journey through the countryside, witness the ever-changing landscapes of Uganda. Arrive at the park and settle into your lodge, located amidst the captivating wilderness. Embark on an afternoon game drive, immersing yourself in the park's raw and untamed beauty. Encounter herds of African elephants, graceful giraffes, and zebras, while soaking in the vastness of the savannah. Return to your lodge for a delicious dinner and a restful night's sleep.

Day 3: Kidepo Valley National Park - Wildlife Encounters

Wake up early to the melodious calls of birds and the golden hues of the African sunrise. Enjoy a hearty breakfast before venturing out for a full day of wildlife exploration. Traverse the park's diverse landscapes, from open savannahs to rugged hills, in search of the park's inhabitants. Marvel at the sheer number of animal species that call this place home, including lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, and various antelope species. Take a break for a picnic lunch in the midst of nature, surrounded by breathtaking vistas. Continue your game drive in the afternoon, capturing stunning photographs and creating memories that will last a lifetime. As dusk falls, return to your lodge for a delectable dinner and a peaceful night's rest.

Day 4: Kidepo Valley National Park - Guided Nature Walks

Today, embark on an intimate exploration of Kidepo Valley National Park on a guided nature walk. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, venture into the park's accompanied by knowledgeable guides, venture into the park's wilderness on foot. As you walk quietly through the bush, immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the African wilderness. Learn about the flora and fauna that thrive in this unique ecosystem, and gain a deeper understanding of the delicate balance of nature. Keep an eye out for tracks and signs of wildlife, and with a bit of luck, you may encounter smaller creatures such as dik-diks, warthogs, and vibrant bird species. The guided nature walk provides a unique perspective and a closer connection to the remarkable ecosystem of Kidepo Valley. Return to your lodge in the afternoon and enjoy the remainder of the day at your leisure. Reflect on the incredible experiences of the past days and savor the serene ambiance of the park.

Day 5: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Conservation and Rhino Tracking

Today, depart from Kidepo Valley National Park and journey to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Upon arrival, check into your accommodation and embark on an enlightening conservation experience. Learn about the sanctuary's essential role in protecting the endangered white rhinos of Uganda. Engage with dedicated conservationists who work tirelessly to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures. Join a guided rhino tracking excursion, walking through the sanctuary's pristine landscapes in search of these gentle giants. Observe them in their natural habitat and witness the efforts being made to increase their population. This rare encounter with rhinos in the wild is sure to leave a lasting impression. Return to your lodge in the evening for a delicious dinner and a peaceful night's rest.

Day 6: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Wildlife and Bird Watching

Awaken to the tranquil sounds of nature at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. After breakfast, embark on a leisurely walk through the sanctuary's lush surroundings, keeping an eye out for other wildlife species that call this place home. Spot antelopes gracefully grazing, crocodiles basking in the sun, and a myriad of bird species displaying their vibrant plumage. The sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers, offering the opportunity to observe and identify over 200 avian species. Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by the serene ambiance of the sanctuary before continuing your exploration in the afternoon. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this remarkable ecosystem, appreciating the interconnectedness of all living beings. Return to your lodge in the evening and indulge in a sumptuous dinner while reflecting on the day's adventures.

Day 7: Lake Mburo National Park - Serenity and Wildlife

Bid farewell to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary as you make your way to Lake Mburo National Park. This picturesque park is known for its tranquil atmosphere and diverse wildlife. Arrive at your lodge, situated on the shores of Lake Mburo, and take in the breathtaking surroundings. After lunch, embark on a boat trip on the tranquil waters of the lake. Cruise along its shores, spotting hippos lazing in the water and crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks. Marvel at the vibrant birdlife, including the majestic African fish eagle. Return to your lodge and spend the evening at your leisure, enjoying the serenity of the park.

Day 8: Lake Mburo National Park - Game Drives and Guided Walks

Today, immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Mburo National Park through exciting game drives and guided walks. After breakfast, set out on a thrilling game drive through the park's diverse landscapes, ranging from open savannahs to acacia woodlands. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife, including zebras, impalas, elands, and buffaloes. With luck, you may even spot a leopard or hyena lurking in the shadows. Your experienced guide will share their knowledge of the park's ecosystem, pointing out interesting features and providing insights into animal behavior. Pause for a picnic lunch surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. In the afternoon, embark on a guided nature walk, exploring the park on foot and discovering its hidden gems. Learn about the smaller inhabitants of the park, such as warthogs, bushbucks, and vervet monkeys. As the sun begins to set, return to your lodge and relish a delicious dinner under the African sky, recounting the day's encounters.

Day 9: Queen Elizabeth National Park - Journey through Ecological Wonders

Bid farewell to Lake Mburo National Park and embark on a scenic journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park. As you drive, marvel at the ever-changing landscapes, from rolling hills to lush forests. Arrive at your lodge, nestled within the park's boundaries, and settle in before venturing out for an afternoon game drive. Queen Elizabeth National Park is renowned for its diverse ecosystems, including savannah, wetlands, and dense forests. Keep your camera ready as you search for the park's residents, which may include elephants, lions, buffaloes, and an array of antelope species. As the day comes to a close, return to your lodge and enjoy a delightful dinner, savoring the anticipation of the adventures to come.

Day 10: Queen Elizabeth National Park - Chimpanzee Trekking and Boat Safari

Rise early and set off for an unforgettable chimpanzee trekking experience in the Kyambura Gorge. Accompanied by expert guides, venture into the dense forest, listening for the calls and rustling of these playful primates. As you track them through the forest, learn about their behaviors, habitats, and conservation efforts. Witnessing chimpanzees in their natural habitat is a truly remarkable experience that will leave you in awe of their intelligence and complex social structures. Afterward, return to your lodge for a well-deserved lunch. In the afternoon, embark on a boat safari along the Kazinga Channel, which connects Lake George and Lake Edward. Drift along the water, observing hippos, crocodiles, and a plethora of bird species. Marvel at the stunning scenery and soak in the tranquility of the surroundings. After an exhilarating day, return to your lodge for a delicious dinner and a restful night's sleep.

Day 11: Queen Elizabeth National Park - Tree Climbing Lions and Departure

On your final day, set out on a game drive through the park's Ishasha sector, known for its tree-climbing lions. Keep your eyes peeled as you navigate the savannah, searching for these remarkable predators lounging in the branches of ancient fig trees. Witnessing these unique behaviors is a rare and unforgettable sight. After the game drive, enjoy a picnic lunch in the park before beginning your journey back to Entebbe or Kampala, with fond memories of your extraordinary wildlife extravaganza safari in Uganda.


- All accommodations as per itinerary.

- All meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

- All game drives and park entry fees.

- Services of a professional English-speaking tour guide/driver.

- Transportation in a 4x4 safari vehicle.

- Airport transfers.

- Bottled water during safari drives.

- Visit to local attractions on Day 12, if time permits.


- International airfare to and from Uganda.

- Visa fees.

- Travel Insurance.

- Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, tips, and gratuities.

- Costs for additional activities not included in the itinerary.

- Meals not specified in the itinerary.

- Drinks apart from the bottled water provided during safari drives.

- Any optional tours or excursions not mentioned in the itinerary.