Our Company

Pita Safaris in Kenya is a family-owned tour operator and Safari Company that has been in operation since 2009 with our head office based in Nairobi, Kenya and licensed to operate tourism. We’re craftspeople. Our staff is a tightly woven team dedicated to providing the most life-changing experiences possible to our esteemed clients.
With the help of our expert and advice, we tailor-make unforgettable adventures designed by you, exactly as you wish for everything from safari to beach, from hiking to honeymoon.

Our Tour Styles

From Basic to Luxury Accommodation

Whether you are in for a basic way or luxury way, we can do both or everything in between. We have chosen the finest accommodation in each category – Basic, comfort, comfort plus or luxury.

  • Basic Style

Travelers will be sleeping on public campsites; bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp. Travelers travel together in our own vehicle, with our own driver-guide and a chef who prepares all food.

  • Comfort Style

Travelers spend safari nights in tented camps with private bathroom facilities, each one enjoying a prime location inside one of our fantastic National Parks and Reserves. We do not compromise on quality when choosing Comfort style accommodations; we simply handpick the camps to provide you with the real value you expect as well as the high standards you deserve. We research the available options, ensuring you enjoy the best accommodations, giving you a great balance between quality and price.