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Endless Plains Adventure: A 9-Day Camping Experience in Tanzania's Most Iconic Parks




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Full Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha

Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be warmly greeted by our representative and transferred to your accommodation in Arusha. Take this day to relax and acclimate to the African rhythm. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Arusha, explore the local markets, or simply unwind at your hotel. In the evening, our safari guide will meet you for a pre-safari briefing, where you will receive detailed information about the upcoming adventure. Rest well and prepare for an exciting journey ahead.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park

After an early breakfast, we depart from Arusha and head towards Tarangire National Park, known for its diverse landscapes and large elephant herds. The park is also home to other wildlife such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, and various antelope species. As we drive through the park, keep your eyes peeled for predators like lions and leopards. Enjoy thrilling game drives throughout the day, capturing incredible photos and immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Tarangire. In the evening, we set up our camp for the night, surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness.

Day 3: Lake Manyara National Park

Today, we venture into Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its unique tree-climbing lions and abundant birdlife. The park is also home to large herds of elephants, buffalos, and hippos. As we explore the park on game drives, you'll be captivated by the stunning scenery, including the shimmering lake and the Great Rift Valley escarpments. Keep an eye out for pink flamingos gathering at the lake's edge. After a day filled with wildlife encounters, we return to our campsite for a relaxing evening under the starry African sky.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park (Central Serengeti)

Today marks the beginning of our Serengeti adventure. After breakfast, we leave Lake Manyara and head towards the world-renowned Serengeti National Park. As we enter the park's gates, be prepared to be amazed by the vast, open plains and the incredible variety of wildlife that call this place home. The Serengeti is renowned for its annual wildebeest migration, where millions of these majestic animals traverse the plains in search of fresh grazing. Enjoy game drives in the central Serengeti, spotting lions, cheetahs, elephants, and an array of other wildlife. In the evening, we set up our campsite in the heart of the Serengeti, surrounded by the sounds of the wild.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park (Central Serengeti)

Today, we continue exploring the wonders of the central Serengeti. Set out on game drives in different areas of the park, each offering unique wildlife sightings and breathtaking landscapes. Witness the raw power of predators as they hunt for their next meal, and marvel at the vast herds of wildebeest and zebras grazing on the endless plains. The Serengeti is also home to a diverse range of bird species, so keep your binoculars ready to spot some colorful feathered friends. As the sun sets, return to our campsite to share stories of the day's adventures around a crackling campfire.

Day 6: Serengeti National Park (Northern Serengeti)

Today, we embark on a game drive that takes us to the northern part of the Serengeti, where the landscape changes dramatically. This region is characterized by rolling hills, riverine forests, and granite outcrops, providing a picturesque backdrop for wildlife viewing. Keep your camera ready as we search for the elusive leopard lounging in the trees or the graceful cheetah sprinting across the plains. The northern Serengeti is also known for its river crossings during the wildebeest migration, a spectacle you won't want to miss if it aligns with your visit. After an eventful day, we set up camp in the northern Serengeti and fall asleep to the sounds of the wilderness.

Day 7: Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After breakfast, we bid farewell to the Serengeti and make our way to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Our first stop is at the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's largest intact volcanic caldera. Descend into the crater floor, a natural amphitheater teeming with wildlife. Encounter the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and leopards – as well as an abundance of other animals such as zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles. Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst this remarkable setting, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the crater. In the afternoon, we ascend to the crater rim and set up camp for the night, overlooking the magnificent landscape.

Day 8: Ngorongoro Conservation Area

On this day, we continue our exploration of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Venture to the Lerai Forest, home to troops of playful baboons and ancient elephant bulls. Embark on a nature walk with an experienced guide, who will offer insights into the flora and fauna of the area. Learn about the conservation efforts that have made the Ngorongoro Conservation Area a haven for wildlife. In the afternoon, visit a Maasai village and immerse yourself in their vibrant culture, witnessing traditional dances and experiencing their way of life. Return to the campsite in the evening for a final night under the starry African sky.

Day 9: Departure

After breakfast, we pack up our camp and bid farewell to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We'll drive back to Arusha, where our unforgettable safari comes to an end. Take some time to reflect on the incredible experiences and cherished memories you've made during the "Endless Plains Adventure." Our team will transfer you to Kilimanjaro International Airport or assist you with your onward travel arrangements.


- Accommodation: Accommodation at a hotel in Arusha for the arrival night and camping accommodation in designated campsites during the safari.

- Park Fees: All park entrance fees for Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

- Meals: All meals during the safari, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior notice.

- Professional Guide: A knowledgeable and experienced English-speaking safari guide who will accompany you throughout the journey.

- Airport Transfers: Transfer to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

- Camping Equipment: Tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, and other necessary camping equipment.

- Game Drives: Daily game drives in 4x4 safari vehicles, providing excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

- Nature Walk: Guided nature walk in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to explore the Lerai Forest and learn about the local flora and fauna.

- Maasai Village Visit: Visit a Maasai village to experience their vibrant culture, traditional dances, and way of life.


- Airfare: International and domestic flights to and from Tanzania are not included in the package.

- Visa Fees: The cost of obtaining a visa for entry into Tanzania is the responsibility of the traveler.

- Travel Insurance: It is highly recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, and personal belongings.

- Gratuities: Tips for safari guides, camp staff, and other service providers are not included and are at your discretion.

- Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses such as souvenirs, additional snacks or beverages, laundry, and phone calls are not included.

- Optional Activities: Optional activities not mentioned in the itinerary, such as hot-air balloon rides or walking safaris, are not included (additional cost).

- Meals in Arusha: Meals in Arusha on the arrival night and departure day are not included.

Recommendations for Activities:

  1. Hot-air balloon ride: Consider adding a hot-air balloon safari over the Serengeti for a unique and breathtaking perspective of the wildlife and landscapes below (additional cost).
  2. Maasai village visit: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting a Maasai village, where you can interact with the Maasai people, learn about their traditions, and even participate in their dances and rituals.
  3. Walking safari: Experience the African bush on foot with a guided walking safari. Accompanied by an armed ranger, you'll have the opportunity to observe smaller details of the ecosystem and gain a deeper appreciation for the flora and fauna.

What to Pack:

  1. Light, breathable clothing: Pack comfortable, lightweight clothing suitable for warm weather during the day. Long-sleeved shirts and pants are recommended to protect against sunburn and insect bites.
  2. Warm jacket: Bring a warm jacket or fleece for cooler mornings and evenings, as temperatures can drop significantly in certain areas.
  3. Sturdy shoes: Ensure you have comfortable, closed-toe shoes suitable for walking and game drives.
  4. Hat and sunscreen: Protect yourself from the sun's rays with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen with a high SPF.
  5. Binoculars and camera: Enhance your wildlife viewing experience with binoculars and a good camera to capture those unforgettable moments.
  6. Reusable water bottles: Stay hydrated by bringing reusable water bottles that can be refilled during the safari.
  7. Personal toiletries: Don't forget essentials such as insect repellent, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and any necessary medications.

Experience the wild heart of Africa on our "Endless Plains Adventure." This 9-day camping safari is not just a trip – it's a journey of discovery and connection with some of Tanzania's most iconic national parks. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes, witness incredible wildlife encounters, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your adventure today and embark on the safari of a lifetime.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions, wildlife movements, and other unforeseen circumstances. The safety and enjoyment of our guests are our top priorities, and our experienced guides will make necessary adjustments to ensure an optimal safari experience.