Uganda / Private / Birding Paradise: A 12-Day Exploration of Uganda's Premier Birdwatching Destinations

Birding Paradise: A 12-Day Exploration of Uganda's Premier Birdwatching Destinations




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Full Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe or Kampala

Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport or Kampala, our knowledgeable guide will warmly welcome you and transfer you to your hotel. Take this day to relax, unwind, and prepare for the exciting adventure ahead.

Day 2: Mabamba Wetland

Embark on an early morning journey to Mabamba Wetland, a renowned Ramsar site and Important Bird Area (IBA) located on the shores of Lake Victoria. This wetland is famous for hosting the iconic shoebill stork, an avian marvel. Explore the tranquil waterways and papyrus swamps, accompanied by expert birdwatching guides. Keep your binoculars ready to spot other notable species such as the African jacana, papyrus gonolek, and malachite kingfisher.

Day 3: Mabamba Wetland

Continue your exploration of Mabamba Wetland, delving deeper into its diverse habitats. Discover hidden corners where elusive species reside, and learn about the wetland's ecological importance. Immerse yourself in the symphony of bird calls and capture stunning photographs of the avian wonders that grace this wetland sanctuary.

Day 4: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today, embark on a scenic drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a haven for both mountain gorillas and an impressive array of bird species. As you enter the misty rainforests, the enchanting melodies of numerous bird species will surround you. Spend the day exploring the forest trails, led by experienced birding guides. Keep a lookout for the Albertine Rift endemics, including the African green broadbill, African emerald cuckoo, and handsome francolin.

Day 5: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Dedicate this day to further exploration of Bwindi's captivating birdlife. Venture deeper into the park's diverse ecosystems, from bamboo forests to continue your birding adventure in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, as you traverse the verdant valleys and moss-covered trails. With over 350 bird species recorded here, every step unveils new avian wonders. Listen to the melodic calls of the African broadbill, search for the elusive African pitta, and be amazed by the vibrant plumage of the African paradise flycatcher. Keep your camera ready to capture these remarkable sightings.

Day 6: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today, you have another opportunity to encounter the incredible birdlife of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Accompanied by expert guides, venture into different sections of the park, each offering a unique birding experience. From the canopy-dwelling yellow-billed barbet to the skulking Grauer's rush warbler, each sighting contributes to the rich tapestry of avian diversity found within the park.

Day 7: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bid farewell to Bwindi as you journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park, a diverse ecosystem that encompasses savannahs, wetlands, and forests. Embark on a thrilling game drive through the park, keeping a close eye on the skies for raptors, including the majestic martial eagle. Cruise along the Kazinga Channel, where an abundance of water birds, such as African fish eagles and pied kingfishers, can be observed. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the remarkable birdlife that thrives within this park.

Day 8: Queen Elizabeth National Park

With a full day dedicated to exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park, you'll have ample time to delve deeper into its avian treasures. Embark on a nature walk through the Maramagambo Forest, where you can spot species such as the grey-headed kingfisher, African pygmy falcon, and the rare shoebill. Encounter herds of elephants, buffalo, and other wildlife as you traverse the vast savannah plains, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of stunning landscapes.

Day 9: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Continue your birdwatching expedition in Queen Elizabeth National Park, venturing into lesser-explored corners of the park. Explore the Ishasha sector, famous for its tree-climbing lions, and keep your eyes open for the unique and elusive African finfoot, as well as the vibrant and melodious African skimmer. With expert guides leading the way, you'll have the best chances of encountering a wide variety of bird species and capturing incredible sightings.

Day 10: Kibale National Park

Today, depart for Kibale National Park, a haven for primates and a birding paradise. Upon arrival, take a leisurely stroll through the forest, where you'll be serenaded by the calls of the great blue turaco and the African grey parrot. Keep your binoculars handy as you search for the rare and endemic species that call this park home.

Day 11: Kibale National Park

Immerse yourself further in the avian wonders of Kibale National Park. Embark on a guided primate trek, where you may encounter playful chimpanzees swinging through the trees. Along the way, spot a variety of bird species, including the African pitta, yellow-spotted nicator, and the beautiful black bee-eater. Capture the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of these feathered creatures, adding to your collection of memorable sightings. As you explore the lush forest, take in the symphony of bird calls that create a mesmerizing soundtrack to your adventure.

Day 12: Departure

After breakfast, bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes and captivating birdlife of Uganda. Transfer back to Entebbe International Airport or Kampala, with a heart full of incredible memories and a newfound appreciation for the avian treasures that Uganda has to offer.


- Accommodation throughout the safari

- Meals as specified in the itinerary

- Park entrance fees

- Experienced birdwatching guides

- Transportation throughout the safari

- Airport transfers


- International flights

- Visa fees

- Personal Insurance

- Gratuities

- Optional activities such as gorilla and primate tracking

Recommended Activities:

- Participate in gorilla and primate tracking experiences, available at an additional cost

- Take nature walks to explore the diverse ecosystems and encounter a variety of bird species

- Engage in cultural visits to local communities to learn about their traditions and conservation efforts

- Capture stunning photographs of the unique birdlife and breathtaking landscapes

Packing List:

- Binoculars for optimal birdwatching experiences

- Field guidebooks to identify bird species

- Camera with extra batteries and memory cards to capture memorable moments

- Lightweight and breathable clothing for comfort during outdoor activities

- Waterproof jacket or poncho in case of rain showers

- Sturdy walking shoes or boots for nature walks and forest treks

- Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses to protect against the African sun

- Insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes and other insects

- Daypack to carry essentials during excursions

Embark on the Birding Paradise safari and immerse yourself in Uganda's premier birdwatching destinations, where every day brings new encounters with captivating avian species and spectacular natural beauty.